Potato Skins

Bacon has my heart.

Potato skins. Because, bacon.

Sometimes you sit at your desk pondering what you are going to eat for dinner. Something that doesn’t involve thawing meat or going to the grocery store. At first you figure you’ll just make pasta. Then you realize you still have some leftover bacon and wonder if it is, in fact, OK to just eat bacon for dinner. But then you realize that you not only have leftover bacon, but also leftover potatoes, cheddar cheese, green onions, and sour cream. And, really, that can only mean one thing…potato skins!

Potato Skins

(OK, so totally not the healthiest dinner in the world, but totally resourceful! You’ve got to give me that!)

Speaking of bacon, Baconfest Chicago is next weekend! So excited!

p.s. heart.
Light Painting a heart

p.p.s. I promise I will start posting more than just what I ate for dinner soon…

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