Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Baby Got Back (An Owl-Themed Baby Shower)

Sunday we threw a baby shower for my sister. I really shouldn’t be allowed to throw a baby shower as I refused to do anything babyish. It was kind of an owl-themed baby shower. But kind of not. (There wasn’t much reason for the owl theme other than the fact that the only baby shower invitations I found that I liked had owls on them. So we got some owl decorations, made an owl cake, and called it a theme.)

We had bagels and I made some killer hot chocolate in a crock pot. I also made an owl cake for the occasion. Yum. My mom didn’t do her only job of watching the dog so he ate some of the cheese plate.

Nat made game to match the celebrity baby name with the parent and a quiz game about Jen and Dale. I came up with a name that tune game of all songs that have baby in the title such as…

“Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant
“Baby Love” by The Supremes
“Baby Elephant Walk” by Henry Mancini
“Hey! Baby” by Bruce Channel
“Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” by Fall Out Boy
“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix a Lot
“Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys
“…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears
“Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey
“Baby Boy” by Beyonce

Well…at least I think that Baby Got Back is a perfectly appropriate song for a shower.

After food and gamnes, it was time for Jen to open presents. I gave Jen a baby blanket and a stuffed Jackalope (Flopsy’s brother). Her thank you card said “I’m sure Dylan won’t be confused or frightened of it.” My job is done.

Photos from my sister’s owl-themed baby shower:

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

Jen's owl-themed baby shower

(This was just the first of a few showers. My sister’s mother in law threw her a rubber duck-themed party.)

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  • Jeff
    January 14, 2009at7:57 am

    That bedroom is awesome

  • Sid
    January 14, 2009at8:35 pm

    for a second there I thought that was you in the first picture…you guys have near identical profiles

  • val
    January 14, 2009at11:20 pm

    Sid, are you calling me fat?

  • Sid
    January 14, 2009at11:37 pm

    i meant face-wise. either you or isla is the smallest person i know, the other is second smallest

  • Sid
    January 14, 2009at11:38 pm

    perhaps more importantly…are you calling your sister fat?

  • val
    January 14, 2009at11:52 pm

    haha. she’s pregnant, she is supposed to be fat

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