Food at Alina's birthday party.

Are you going to pull out first?

1. My laptop is dead. I went to turn it on this morning and nothing happens. I guess it is not surprising as it has been turning itself off a lot lately. 🙁 I just hope I can salvage the hard drive and get all my stuff off of it. I am really good at backing up my photos, but not so good at backing up anything else. And I have a lot of stuff on that computer 🙁 I can probably steal my mom’s laptop until I buy a new one as I don’t think she uses hers at all. Also, am I the only one who thinks the $40 make it pink charge from Dell is totally worth it?
p.s. I should probably be thankful that it just stopped working and didn’t set fire or explode. Because it was getting painfully hot lately too.

2. Last night Mat came over to help me with my homework. I made him a quesadilla to thank him. But I burned it. Then we headed to the io. We got there late and the one show was sold out but we managed to get into Felt. The audience suggestion was healthcare to which the puppets responded “You asked for it” and “We’re going to offend a lot of people tonight.” In their words it was the worst show ever. But it wasn’t. And Mat bought me two orange juices that may or may not have had vodka in them.
p.s. According to the show what healthcare will bring is people suggesting you commit suicide and then they do it and then they get violated.

3. Tuesday I went over the MK’s so his friend could do my taxes. They aren’t done yet though because I need to try to find my taxes from last year first but I couldn’t find them! Then I got lots of wine.
p.s. I want ice cream 🙁

4. Alina’s birthday was two weekends ago! Happy Birthday Alina! We went over to her place for a party. There was yummy food.

Alina's birthday

Alina's birthday

5. So far we are all on track with our idol predictions.

Rank   Val   Eric   Sue
1   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze
2   Crystal Bowersox   Crystal Bowersox   Siobhan Magnus
3   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche   Crystal Bowersox
4   Casey James   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche
5   Didi Benami   Didi Benami   Casey James
6   Andrew Garcia   Casey James   Aaron Kelly
7   Michael Lynche   Andrew Garcia   Didi Benami
8   Tim Urban   Tim Urban   Katie Stevens
9   Katie Stevens   Katie Stevens   Tim Urban
10   Aaron Kelly   Aaron Kelly   Andrew Garcia
11   Paige Miles   Paige Miles   Paige Miles
12   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown

PINK = still in it
DARK PINK = kicked out
ORANGE = third place
YELLOW = second place
GREEN = first place

p.s. Our predictions will go to hell next week.

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Hi, I'm Val. I spent most of my 20s in a standstill, unable to pick which path in life I wanted to take. I wanted the nomadic life of a traveler but also wanted the husband, the condo, and the kitten. Unable to decide which life I wanted more, I did nothing. When I turned 30 I’d had enough of putting my life on hold and decided to start “choosing my figs.” So, I quit my job, bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and traveled for three years. Now I'm back in Chicago, decorating my apartment in all the teal, petting my cats, and planning my next adventure.

  • Sid
    March 25, 2010at3:24 pm

    It is quite possible, and occasionally easy, to take the hard drive out of a laptop and put it either into an external hard drive enclosure, or straight into a desktop computer to recover the contents.

  • Val
    March 25, 2010at4:06 pm

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been hearing. I really hope I can salvage all of my crap!

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