Sixteen Candles at Joe's on Weed

April is the cruellest month.

Last time I checked in I told you that while my blogging has been down, my gym attendance has been up.

I’m both happy and sad to report that that’s still the case.

I still have so many things I want to write about, so many half-written posts or unwritten ideas floating around the head. But I’m embracing this newfound dedication towards actually taking advantage of my gym membership.

Honestly, I’ve also been kind of enjoying pretending like I don’t have a blog (or three) to tend to. I love blogging, I love my blog, but it is a massive time suck. And I often find myself with a to-do list so incredibly long that I cut myself off from actually living life.

And I’ve been trying to actually live my life.

This past month, if something came up, if someone invited me to do something, I didn’t get that itch in the back of my shoulders that I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have time to do it because I had so many things to do. And when I was out I didn’t spend the entire time feeling like I should be home getting work done.

I was just enjoying myself.


I am hoping to get back to writing though, and soon, but I’m also hoping to not let it weigh me down. Hoping.


Here’s what I was doing this month when I wasn’t at the gym…


Sixteen Candles at Joe's on Weed

I saw Sixteen Candles (a totally awesome 80s cover band) at Joe’s on Weed. Because I think my taste in music peaked in the 80s…


I went to Bordel (a totally swanky speakeasy) to celebrate a friend’s birthday (where altogether we drank 75% of the cocktail menu)…


And Clark Street Karaoke for another’s.


Baby shower.

I went to a baby shower….


And a baby baptism.


Caramel Macchiato Pudding Shots

Nutella Latte Pudding Shots

I made all the pudding shots (caramel macchiato and nutella latte).


Mushroom eggs benedict

And I ate some wild mushroom eggs benedict at The Kitchen


Churros with hot chocolate at Xoco

and some churros at Xoco (I swear I didn’t order two things of chocolate, they accidentally made the extra shot and hot could I refuse…)…


and drank at The Northman, a new cider bar in my hood. If my spirit animal was a bar it would be The Northman and let’s face it my spirit animal is probably a bar.


Lyric Opera Tour

And I took a nice tour of the opera house.

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How was your April?

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