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Rainbow from my bungalow in Pai, Thailand

And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.

A rainbow from my bungalow in Pai, Thailand.

I still wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to stay when my minibus pulled up in Pai. I knew that I kind of didn’t want to stay at the big party hostel. I wanted to drink when I wanted to drink and sleep when I wanted to sleep, so I avoided Spicy, where many of the other backpackers seem to end up. The guys at my hostel in Chiang Mai had recommended crossing the river and finding a bungalow, but I felt like maybe that would be too quiet, that I might not meet as many people. So I settled on heading to another hostel I’d heard some people I’d met were staying at.

But it felt big and empty. No one was around. I didn’t see anyone I knew or, anyone, really, besides a girl who seemed way too mellow to be naturally that mellow. And it was 150 baht ($5) a night to share a dorm. And I didn’t really like the vibe. So, in the morning, I went to find someplace new.

I ended up moving to a bungalow that someone I had met before and crossed paths with on my way in had recommended. It was fine, and basic. I had a mattress on a floor, a shared bathroom. I had my own room for 100 baht (~$3.30). I entertained myself by watching a gecko chase a cockroach across the wall. But it was close to some bars and a school so at all hours it was a little bit noisy. Plus, I kind of wanted to find a place with wi-fi (I’ve have found that I don’t need access to internet 24-7, but it’s nice to have it where I’m staying because I don’t have to waste time searching for it, or money getting a coffee or shake so I can use it, and I like being able to use it right when I wake up and right before I go to bed, something you can’t do when all the coffee shops close by 10pm).

Bungalow in Pai, Thailand

After two nights there I gave up and moved, again, to my third residence in four days. I entertained my original thought of crossing the river and found a place the same price as the last but with my own bathroom, a nicer common area, and, most importantly, free wifi.

Despite a few visits from a plump rat and way too many mosquitoes, that place ended up sticking.

Sometimes you can’t just settle for the first thing that comes along.

I knew I had found the right place as I laid on my hammock on my first day there, waiting out the daily afternoon rain, and watched a rainbow form over the river. I could stay there for a very long time.

Rainbow from my bungalow in Pai, Thailand

Rainbow from my bungalow in Pai, Thailand

Rainbow from my bungalow in Pai, Thailand

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  • mary
    June 25, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    That’s a double rainbow (I see a faint double in the last pic)! Wow!

  • Lindsey
    June 26, 2012 at 12:22 am

    Not bad, not bad at all 🙂

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