Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.

Ultimate Party Amsterdam (Amsterdam: Day Six, Part Two)

After coming home late the night before and spending the day at Keukenhof flower garden, I really just wanted a quiet night. But my new friends and Ultimate Party Amsterdam had other plans for me…


You know what rocks? When you’re in a bar in AMSTERDAM and a BON JOVI song comes on. You can rock to that anywhere in the world.

Also, they only play 10-year-old American music here. It’s true. Oh, except for this song by Amy Winehouse the first far keeps playing called “Valerie.”


I really didn’t have any plans for the night so I set off for a walk to go photograph some canals. Of course, that involved walking past the memorial statue on the dam…where the Amsterdam bar crawl peeps meet up…Joe was there with Daniel, and Thomas was there too…and they saw me and convinced me to come out again.

By “convinced me” I mean they said “Come out with us.” In record time I ran back to my room to ditch my camera and sped back to take off with them.

Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.

At the first bar I told Joe that tonight I was going to be a good girl because that last night I kind of pretty much wasn’t. Then Thomas, the bar crawl guide, walked up and had me open wide for some vodka. I guess that promise went out the window.

Now to be fair I was a good girl. To be unfair it wasn’t totally my fault 🙁

Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.

The night at Ultimate Party Amsterdam was an absolute blast. There was (of course) pole dancing and (of course) lots of drinks and (of course) dancing with the boys and (of course) a little fire. I specifically remember at one point Thomas helping me onto a stage and I totally fell straight over. Yeah… Honestly, I don’t know if I remember much. I do remember that at the end of the night some random Englishman bought us drinks and then we got totally lost going home. Go figure.

I think instead of trying to pull together a recap, let’s just go over a cast of characters…

Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.

Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.
Jodie and Megan

Jodie and Megan are sisters, not lesbians. They are from Melbourne, Australia and they rock my socks off. Jodie is my new btff (best TRAVEL friend forever) and she and I are dancing partners and really can work the pole…Except when I accidentally kick some random girl in the head. True story. They left Amsterdam on the same night as me but then they went back. I miss them terribly now and wish I could still be there dancing with them.


Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.
As you already know Joe is a truck driver from New York who I met while photographing. He’s the one who got me into this mess 🙂 He likes his purple hat. He likes the stripper pole too.


Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.
Danny boy is from Hawaii. He was awesome and was also travelling alone. We were supposed to go to the zoo together but he never called. To be fair, I didn’t have a phone there so he couldn’t really call me 🙂


Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.

Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.


Will: I don’t like Chicago.
Val: Why not?
Will: There’s nothing special about Chicago.
Val: [makes her signature sad face]
Will: Well, except for you.

Will is the cutie from Virginia but he talks with a British accent. He doesn’t like Chicago, but he doesn’t really like Virginia either so I guess it’s somehow OK. He works four jobs but I forgot what they are. He likes the stripper pole too. He had to leave slightly early to go catch a plane. I told him I am going to drive out to see him this summer. $4+ gas is my enemy.


Ultimate Party Amsterdam bar crawl in Amsterdam.
Thomas was one of the pub crawl guides and I was pretty much in love with him from the moment I saw him. And then again from when he talked with an Australian accent…All night this night he kept telling me that he got out at 2:30 and would be able to dance with just me then. Then at 2:30 he told me he was tired and going home. I’m pretty sure he was telling everyone the same thing. But whatever. I was being a good girl anyways 🙂

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