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Big Island, Hawaii

Aloha! Traveling to Big Island, Hawaii.

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii!

I’m spending a week traveling around the Big Island and have been pretty much non-stop touristing since arriving last Wednesday. I’ve never been to Hawaii before, and it sure is nice to be away from the freezing cold Chicago winter. And to be on vacation again. Because, you know, after working so hard for a week and a half at my old job, it was totally time for a break. I deserved this… 😉

On our first night in this new-to-me state my friends Jen and Andrew and I settled into our hotel in Kona and took a walk by the waterside, grabbed a delicious poke meal (diced raw fish), and got one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella in it. Because you just can’t be on an island and not drink things with umbrellas in them (fruit pieces or flowers are also acceptable alternatives).

We have many plans for the Big Island, we’ll be going whale watching, seeing a luau, checking out Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, chasing Hawaiian waterfalls, watching the Mauna Kea sunset, and, hopefully, finding a beach.

We’ll also be celebrating Jen’s and my birthdays while we’re here (I know I already celebrated with my friends at home, but really that was more of a pre-b-day-celebration because I knew I’d be gone)! I’m so excited to get this trip started and explore Hawaii for the first time! Now…where is that beach?

Flying to the Big Island in Hawaii

Wahine - women's bathroom sign at the airport in Hawaii

Hula Girls at the Big Island, Hawaii airport

Smiling plant in the Big Island in Hawaii

Sunset on the Big Island in Hawaii

Fish tied to a tree Big Island in Hawaii

Sunset on the Big Island in Hawaii

Sunset on the Big Island in Hawaii

Poke on the Big Island in Hawaii

Live band on the Big Island in Hawaii

Umbrella drink in the Big Island in Hawaii

Me drinking on the Big Island in Hawaii

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