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All Y’all

MattyK’s friends Adam and Jess were in town so we went to meet them at Parallel 42 wine bar. Mmmwine, although they got rid of my entire sweet dessert wine section. Nosweetforval.

JoeJoeJoe and Brandana came too! yaypeopleinawinebar (p.s. I am not drunk at all) I had three wines. One was a pink flamingo something that was supposed to taste like the Mediterranean seaside (there was no seaweed in it) and one from Illinois and one from Iowa. The last two were on the house because they totally rock someone’s socks off.

Wine Bar Wine


-Y’all refers to two people, all y’all refers to more than two.

-If MattyK buys a Triumph in England the only thing different is the steering wheel is on the wrong side. Which means that the pedals are still on the other side. eep!

-There are more than two types of grapes? I know red and white. Sometimes they are seedless.

-MK shouldn’t wear a matching Triumph shirt and hat. Good thing he forgot to bring his matching purse.

-Parallel 42 is on parallel 42. After a long debate on this I noticed it said that right on the menu

-I road in an MG which is loud and smelly and messes my hair that i took hours and hours and hours on (hehehe)

-“Fucking awesome” is a category in the wine bible, or so i hear.

-Iowa wine smells like…well…Iowa

-MK drank his Paris wine too early, but I would have probably cried if he didn’t drink it.

-Adam likes to keep me around because he says I don’t tell as many jokes as MK, but I tellones that are three times better 🙂

-Shhhh, i am not drunkish.

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