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Ah Fox…

On 24.

1. Why bother showing the “previously on 24” thing at the beginning if you did a 180 and are now onto a completely different plotline?

2. This new plot would probably make a lot more sense if I knew who this Audrey person was.

3. This show would be a lot better if it was a romantic comedy focusing on Milo and Nadia. Or even if they brought back that storyline for a split second.

4. Does anyone else think they are prepping to kill off Jack and replace him with Silver Spoons??

5. I like how everyone thinks everything is all better now that the bombs were found…and no one seems to remember that one of them did go off only a couple of hours ago and probably is still in the process of killing a lot of people.

6. 24 would be a lot better if I had people to watch it with 🙁

Hood told me that all of these things happen every season. That the plot always switches and that they always make it look like Jack will die and be replaced. He also told me that my opinion doesn’t count because I “buy pink electronics.” 🙁


And now onto more pressing matters concerning the presidential campaign.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton got to tackle the matters of the election that REALLY count…

During a radio call-in segment on WOKQ FM in New Hampshire, Sen. Hillary Clinton was asked what the United States can do about Sanjaya Malakar, [American Idol]’s underdog candidate who critics say lacks any shred of talent.
”That’s the best question I’ve been asked in a long time,” Clinton said. ”Well, you know, people can vote for whomever they want. That’s true in my election, and it’s true on American Idol.”

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