Novelty Golf

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Novelty Golf Chicago and Steve Martin at Ravinia.

Last Saturday was the third day that week that I had big outside plans…and the third of those plans where thunderstorms were on the weather report. I decided to still brave the weather and keep my plans to go to see Steve Martin at Ravinia. I invited Brian along because I had an extra pass, so he met up with me in the city so I didn’t have to drive out to pick him up. He got by early and we decided to take off for a mini golf course we’d both of hear of but had never been to: Novelty Golf Chicago.

Novelty Golf in Chicago, Illinois

Novelty Golf Chicago

Novelty Golf was all I expected it to be and more. Much, much more. The minigolf place has been open for 60 years and all of the hole obstacles reflect their age (in a good way). So much so that the windmill type structures had to be self powered, either by pressing a button to make them go on some or using a foot pedal on others.

Novelty Golf in Chicago, Illinois

Novelty Golf in Chicago, Illinois

And there was also the time my ball got stuck. And the time Brian’s ball was nowhere to be found and we finally found it a few feet off the course stuck in a crack…

Novelty Golf in Chicago, Illinois

It was pretty awesome. And I won!

Score card from Novelty Golf in Chicago, Illinois

By the time we were finishing the rain started to come, so we headed into the Bunny Hutch to get a little snack (mozzarella sticks and a chocolate milkshake), then headed off towards Ravinia!

mozzarella sticks and a chocolate milkshake at the Bunny Hutch


Steve Martin at Ravinia

After a parking debacle (no one believing that I was on the list to park, trying and failing to park twice…) I met up with Chelsa for a bit, then Brian, Stephanie, and I headed into the park to find Meredith and Joe.

Steve Martin at Ravinia

After finding the correct gift shop they were near, we settled in for a night of bluegrass music and picnicking (including my “lemon monstrosity”…so, my lemon bars didn’t quite set).

Lemon Bars

The opening band was the Punch Brothers. Who were quite awesome. And the main act for the night was the bluegrass stylings of Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin. The music was fun and included such classic hits as “Atheists Don’t Have no Songs.”

Steve Martin at Ravinia

Luckily by the time we had gotten to Ravinia the rain cleared and it held off until after we left. So I managed to make it a whole week of outdoor events without getting rained out once. And for that I am grateful.

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