Christmas 2010 - Cat Gets a Present

A Very Merry Christmas – Part 2

Christmas of Starbucks, Thai Food, and Five Star.

Am I the only one who wakes up on Christmas half kind of expecting presents to magically appear under my tree and half kind of expecting the cookie to be eaten?

I guess there is still room in everyone to believe that magic can still happen.

When I woke up on Christmas I didn’t think Santa had come. The Pepsi was unopened. The cookie still in one piece. No extra surprises left at the foot of my tiny tinsel tree. But Santa did come through with the best present a girl could ask for: a Starbucks open on Christmas.

I trudged through the snow and got myself a Creme Brulee latte and trudged through the snow back to my apartment.

When Heather woke up we exchanged presents.

Christmas 2010 - Our Wrapped Presents

I gave Heather my old DSLR for Christmas.

Christmas 2010 - Heather's new old DSLR

And she gave me an awesome gift pack of Chicago Ethnic Neighborhoods spices from The Spice House!

Christmas 2010 - Chicago Ethnic Neighborhoods spices from The Spice House

And she gave Bo some chicken and gravy.

Christmas 2010 - Cat Gets a Present

We spent most of the day watching Christmas movies on the couch: A Christmas Story, Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special, Home Alone 2 (which I still have a gripe with because they came very close to filming that movie at my school but then chose a different one).

We broke for a lunch of Thai food and were basically the only ones there.

Christmas 2010 - Thai Food Christmas Lunch

Christmas 2010 - Thai Food Christmas Lunch

Christmas 2010 - Thai Food Christmas Lunch

On Christmas night we decided to take a cab out to Five Star because we knew they were open. And when you’re an orphan for the day on Christmas why not go out and drink?

We watched some kung fu movie and some f-ed up David Lynch movie and tried to convince some creep that we were lesbians who met at Oxford. And then the guy next to us asked if we were OK with the creep…after the creep left. Way to be a hero guy.

Christmas 2010 - Christmas at Five Star

And all in all it was probably one of the best and least-stressful Christmas Days you could ask for.

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