Vegetarian BBQ Mushroom Sliders

A tale of two vegetarian burgers…

A veggie burger out and a veggie burger in.

A veggie burger out…

Sunday night I met up with Joe W and Glen and Jen and Maureen at DMK Burger Bar for dinner. Yes, I went to a place titled “Burger Bar” during vegetarian month.

They were having a special that night where if you donated $10 to this charity you’d get 50% off your bill (both food and drinks). Just don’t ask any of us what that charity was. It actually didn’t end up being a deal for me at all (I ended up spending a dollar or two more than I would have), but hey, it’s for charity…some charity. (It would have been a deal if I had felt like drinking more than one drink.)

I got the DMK Burger Bar veggie burger and I can honestly say it was the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. Of course, it was the first veggie burger I have ever had. I considered getting the fried mushroom sandwich but it sounded too much like something I would get anyways and I had mushrooms at home that I had intended to make for dinner that night before these plans sprung up…so veggie burger it was! It was actually very tasty but wasn’t one of those things that tried to be like meat — it just tasted like veggies. Which was good.

I also got onion strings because they were made in oil…I could not eat DMK’s delicious fries because they are cooked in beef fat. And I am being a good vegetarian.

veggie burger at DMK Burger Bar


A veggie burger in…

Monday night I made BBQ mushroom sliders for dinner. I normally wouldn’t have two burgery things in a row, but, as I said, I had already bought the ingredients before my DMK plans came up. I used this recipe but substituted cremini mushrooms for the portobello mushrooms (because the store didn’t have the right sized portobellos), Swiss/Gruyere for the gouda (because I had it leftover), and a bought spice mix instead of the recipe (because it was cheaper). Oh, and I just cooked them on the stove because I do not have a grill or grill pan.

The mushroom sliders were DELICIOUS…well, except for the fact that I poured way too much salt on everything…and the fact that I burned my finger while getting them out of the pan… 🙁

BBQ Mushroom Sliders

And that is my tale of two vegetarian burgers…



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