My car got hit by a drunk driver

A bad year for pickles. (My car got hit by a drunk driver.)

My car got hit by a drunk driver.

Last night the guy who lives across the street from me…

…yes, the guy who once held his friend’s friend at gunpoint at an ATM.

……yes, the guy who is almost certainly a drug dealer

………yes, the guy who often gets into screaming matches with his girlfriend outside in the middle of the night forcing the cops to come break it up…

decided to get in his car drunk and/or high and hit my and a few other cars before knocking into a signpost.

The damage isn’t horrendous (and Saturns are basically plastic so it didn’t dent really), but my car definitely got hit worse than anyone else’s. The whole side is scratched up and the mirror is completely off and smashed up on the ground.

At least we know who did it. The police caught him right away because they were actually in our alley or something when he smashed into the sign and they came to us. I would assume most people who get hit and run sideswiping probably don’t find out who did it.

What sucks is that the insurance probably won’t pay to replace my scratched up hubcaps and such. They probably will just replace the mirror or something and that will be it. That pisses me off because the Krueger/Black Pickle is barely a year old. 🙁 My poor baby Saturn. I should find out what the insurance is paying for by the end of the week.

My car got hit by a drunk driver and here is what it looks lie:

My car got hit by a drunk driver

My car got hit by a drunk driver

My car got hit by a drunk driver

My car got hit by a drunk driver

It seems to have moved too, I think, I was definitely not parked this close to the curb:

My car got hit by a drunk driver

The signpost he knocked into:

Sign knocked down by a car

Sign knocked down by a car

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  • Anonymous
    November 29, 2006at8:03 pm

    Ouch! Sorry about your car. What a dumbass he was for driving drunk.

  • Dragonbane
    November 30, 2006at10:55 am

    Suckage! You should totally make them pay for the touchup paint, as well as for an evaluation of your wheel assembly & suspension to make sure that he didn’t cause any damage there.

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