Playing games at Gameworks

$10 Tootsie Roll (Playing games at Gameworks)

Friday night I met up with Brydia and Jenadam (yeah, those don’t work) to go to Gameworks and play some games.

I’m totally an oldschooler and like my pinball and pacman and skee ball. But I like me some House of the Dead because I get to pretend I’m in a horror film and because, unlike all those Playstationy games, it shows you where to go so i don’t end up getting stuck in a room not knowing how to get out…

I did find another game that I played purely because I could play with the pink gun.

And I traded my 25 tickets from skee ball in for a tootsie pop. Actually, the guy didn’t take my card so I think I got my tootsie pop for free 🙂

Nad stole my camera while we played DDR. This was my first time ever playing DDR in an arcade (I played it for a round once on Alina’s Wii). p.s….yes, we always forget that you can’t turn the camera vertically.

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