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yes i cannabis

Seriously, whenever I heard people say “yes we can” for Obama I’d think of Homer Simpson’s line “yes i cannabis.”

Anyways, here is how I spent my election night in 10 items or less…

1. JoeW printed up a huge U.S. map and every time a state was called we colored it red or blue. I chose to color in Canadia and drew in hockey players and mooses.

2. JoeJoe determined that the mortality rate amongst the occupation of president is pretty damn high for an occupation.

3. Pizza hut pasta is pretty good.

4. Alina went all out on the red and blue, with flowers, plates, and candy bars. We also had red shots and blue shots that we took depending on which states were called. Or just ’cause we wanted to take a shot…

5. At one point when the TV switched to local coverage they announced that one of the precincts couldn’t read the results because they came back in this strange format that human’s can’t read: HTML. My suggestion was that if they opened it in internet explorer they’d have no problems. But no worries, they called in engineers. We never heard about this particular news story again.

6. When the screen announcing Obama won came on we seriously thought it was a mistake. Not because we didn’t think he’d win, but because we didn’t think they’d call it so early (even though he was obviously beyond in the lead)

7. McCain’s wife’s dress looked like classic first lady. Unfortunately Obama’s wife’s dress looked like she was pregnant.

8. If Obama didn’t win, would he have denied his girls of a puppy?

9. I kind of wish I had gone to Grant Park. But I doubt I would have been able to see anything around the mob of people anyways.

10. More photos here!!!

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