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Flight Home from Colombia


After six months traveling in Latin America, I boarded a flight (well, three flights) back home to Chicago. It was a bittersweet journey. Sure, I was ready to eat familiar foods, see my friends and family, be back in a city I love. But I was enjoying Colombia. A lot. A month earlier I was very ready to return home. It was no secret that I just never got into Central America the way I got...

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Fall in Chicago

Division to Roscoe.

It was one of those October days where you could still eat brunch al fresco. Carrot cake pancakes, a cup of coffee with cream, and a strawberry mimosa for good measure. Where you talk girl talk and boy talk and life talk and travel talk with a friend. Where you walk home, three miles, from Division to Roscoe because it is still sort of warm in that way Chicago weather seems warm when the day...

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fast and freaky

Friday Friday I woke up sick. Actually, I woke up all night sick and needless to say that when my alarm clock went off at 6:45 I was feeling pretty damned crappy. It really felt like food poisoning. Not fun. ...

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sex tour of chicago

Have you ever been startled because you think you see a person, but it turns out that it's just a mannequin? Later do you ever realize, wait, no, that naked man in the corner in the cage is actually a real person? ...

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on dancing

1. SummerDance Tonight I went to SummerDance at Grant Park. It's totally awesome. An hour of dance lessons followed by 2 hours of a live swing back, all outdoors. Can't beat it. Tonight was East COast Swing and the Thomas Gunther Jazz Band. Sweetsweetsweet. Of course, I had to go all by myself because no one would go with me :( ...

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