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Tour of the Civic Opera House

October Light.

The light coming into my apartment.

My apartment in the fall is amazing. The light leaks into the windows all through the day casting a beautiful glow through all of my rooms. Unfortunately it starts seeping in around the time I’ve showered and am grabbing my keys to head out to work. And it ends by the time I arrive home. But the weekends are brilliant. At least.

I had a pretty quiet month, I guess. I’ve been trying to save money so I have also been avoiding going out. I’m doing pretty OK with that. But then, of course, I slip, and say “fuck it, I want a burger” and text a friend to go out to a pub.

A girl has to live her life, you know. And satisfy her cravings.



I went out for my friend Alyssa’s birthday to Saint Lou’s Assembly in the West Loop. They had the best food. And they have boozy floats that I didn’t get to try. Again: broke. Next time.


I took a tour of the opera house not because I work there but because I’m a “social media influencer” but really just because I work there.


I went to an opera, Das Rheingold. And got Poke before.


I am so blessed that we hate all the same people. Relationship goals.

And I went on two dates (one for beer and dinner, another for dodgeball…) Neither went anywhere. Someday I’ll find someone who hates all the same people I do.

Relationship goals.

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How was your October?

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