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October in Thailand.

Instagrams from my two-week vacation in Thailand.

I’ve been trying to recap my months, every month, in Instagrams, a platform I’ve been at least somewhat diligent in keeping up to date (follow me here), so I can collect for you all the things I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about yet. Some months this year it’s been the only thing I’ve managed to say. In October, I actually pushed out several blog posts and I hope, in the coming weeks, months, years, I can start consistently updating again. Soon, hopefully soon, I’ll have a few posts my recent two-week vacation to Thailand. But, for now, this October recap, will offer a sneak peek of what is to come…

Things I love about Asia: the gas stations. #thailand #kohsamui #amazingthailand #⛽️

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Wishing I was still in Thailand. #amazingthailand #kohsamui #thailand #⛵️

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