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Choosing Figs

Joey Chestnut wins the 2016 Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest at Coney Island.

On traditions, the Fourth of July, and a hot dog eating contest.

Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie took their prime spots at the center of the table and, from the moment the clock started ticking down, they were both fully focused on the win. For the first few HDBs they were neck and neck but, by two minutes in, Joey Chestnut had eaten to a steady lead. As the minutes ticked down and more hot dogs were eaten it was no longer a question of who would...

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New York from New Jersey.

New York. This Year.

I spent Fourth of July weekend in New York. Obviously. It was my eighth visit since my first time in 1999 and my seventh Fourth of July spent in the city since 2007. Whew. I was there, mainly, for the annual hot dog eating contest but, with an extended weekend, I also got a little chance to wander the city. I suppose the more times I end up in New York the less time I spend in...

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Chicago Skyline

In June I…

Went to a bonfire at Promontory Point in Hyde Park. Went to Maifest and Do Division festivals. Watched a lot of The Bachelorette. (And seriously, why has no one ever greeted me for a date with a boy band serenade? Or picked me up on a unicorn? Or taken me on a date to Argentina?) Went to the farmers market and bought vegetables coughbutreallycookiescough. Went to a Travel Massive event and met Mount Rushmore's George...

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Adrian Morgan | Ribmania Ribs Eating Contest at Ribfest Chicago


In a week I leave for a long Fourth of July weekend in New York. If you know me at all or if you've followed my blog even remotely closely, you can probably guess the primary purpose for the trip: the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. It will be my seventh time at the contest since 2008, including that one time I actually managed to eat on the big stage. This year I'll be...

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Saved by the Max - Saved by the Bell themed restaurant in Wicker Park, Chicago

I ate at the Saved by the Bell restaurant and now my life is complete.

In 1989, I fell in love. He was both the coolest and the cutest boy I'd ever laid eyes on. Bleach blonde hair, striking hazel eyes. A class-clown meets bad boy in the most adorable way. He had a cell phone 12 years before I had my first. He could stop time. Literally. I'd see him every Saturday morning. I'd laugh along with his antics, cry at his broken hearts, hope for him to get out of detentions,...

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All the grilled foodstuff

Away with May.

Last month I resubscribed to Netflix and then immediately proceeded to ugly cry through Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Is that what "Netflix and Chill" means??? I'm pretty sure that's what that means....

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How to (finally) start going to the gym.

How to (finally) start going to the gym.

A few weekends ago, I went to a baby shower. One of the baby shower games, because you can't go to a baby shower and not be forced to play baby shower games, involved cutting a piece of yarn to the size you thought the mother-to-be's belly was. Jokingly, I wrapped the yarn around my stomach and cut it to my exact size. I won. All of my weight goes to my stomach. OK, that's not true...

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Sixteen Candles at Joe's on Weed

April is the cruellest month.

Last time I checked in I told you that while my blogging has been down, my gym attendance has been up. I'm both happy and sad to report that that's still the case. I still have so many things I want to write about, so many half-written posts or unwritten ideas floating around the head. But I'm embracing this newfound dedication towards actually taking advantage of my gym membership. Honestly, I've also been kind of enjoying pretending...

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Margie's Candies Strawberry Milkshake

That thing I call balance…

Back in January, I made a promise to myself that I was going to write two blog posts a week, every week, all year, no matter what. I needed to get back into writing. I needed to sit down and just do it already. I needed to push myself to have some discipline. For a while I was doing amazing with that goal, posting twice, every week, no matter what it took. There were times I'd...

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Growing a fig - Week 1

First fig.

The sun had moved, just enough, to start flooding though my living room window again. It gave the whole room the same glow that made me fall in love with the apartment in the first place. My fig tree noticed too and started blooming to life again. Translucent lime sprouts, the first new growth I'd seen amongst the stale deep leaves that had held strong all winter, and something different, a little green bulb. My first...

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