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Choosing Figs


An on and off life…

I went on a date last week. I'll wait while you pick up your jaw from the floor. Better? OK. Moving on. So, I went on a date last week. We met on Tinder and he asked me out right away. So we met for dinner and drinks at a bar down the block from me. And, in the course of conversation, I managed to say...

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Stars of the Opera at Millennium Park

September stint.

Looking back on September, I realized something: the whole month focused on work. Not in a bad way, really. But most of the events I went to were work events, most of the times I went out it was with coworkers, and even my vacation to New Orleans was really a work trip. I'm not quite sure that's the balance I've been looking for. But, I guess, for now, I'll take it...

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Tarot cards in a voodoo shop in New Orleans.

Life List #119: See a psychic.

I may be one of the most skeptical people you'll ever meet. For every extreme political meme you post on Facebook I immediately go to Snopes to fact check. I assume all news stories are grossly exaggerated. I assume all personal stories are grossly exaggerated. I read marketing text and say to myself, "50% fewer calories than what?" And, if you drag me to a motivational speaker, I will probably spend those three hours rolling...

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Amorphophallus titanum - corpse flower - at Volunteer Park Conservatory in Seattle, Washington.

Five Days in Seattle

I'd been to Seattle three times before. The first time, in 2009, I did everything my guidebook told me to do there. The second, in 2011, I explored for a few hours between a train from Vancouver and a flight back to Chicago. And the third time, in 2013, I spent a few days after a trip to Hawaii. I went back to Seattle, for five nights, for the fourth time, a couple of weeks ago....

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HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin, Texas.

On Austin. And hope.

A few weeks ago, I had a day. A day where I was both upset over something and excited about something and my emotions were all over the place. And all I kept thinking, all that day, was, "I need change." "I need to make my world what I want it to be." "I need to reclaim my life." So, that day, I signed up for guitar lessons and bought a Groupon for salsa lessons and looked...

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Haul of vegetables from Green City Market

August Alive.

Things have started getting better. I've started feeling better. I've started feeling more alive again. Of course, when I'm feeling good, when I'm feeling alive, I tend to go overboard, I tend to take on more things. I tend to overextend. I'm hoping, now, I'm able to balance. I'm hoping, now, I won't fall down another rabbit hole. I suppose we'll see what happens next. But, August. August was a good month. Here are some of the things...

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Brisket plate with jalapeno cheese grits and campfire chili beans at Micklethwait Craft Meats food truck in Austin, Texas.

Life List #216: Eat everything in Austin, Texas.

I had but one goal for my four-night vacation in Austin, Texas: eat everything. Austin's food scene excited me. The city is probably best known for tacos and Tex-Mex and barbecue. And who wouldn't be excited for tacos and Tex-Mex and barbecue? But it goes beyond that. There are food trucks on seemingly every corner, in every empty lot, attached to every bar. And those food trucks specialize in every cuisine and fare imaginable....

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I take a lot of walks along the lakefront.

Reclaiming my life.

Someone once asked me why I like long-term travel. I thought for a second before replying, "When you're home you wake up every morning and think, 'What do I have to do today?' But, when you're traveling, you wake up and think, 'What do I want to do today?'" It was harder going from a full-time life of wants to a full-time life of have-tos than I led myself to believe. I was more depressed, coming home...

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Heart-Shaped Fig

On Figs and Metaphors and Men.

If you asked him, he'd tell you that I cry at everything. And, I suppose, in some ways, that's true. Because the girl he met did cry at everything. The girl he met was timid, shy, anxious, innocent, naive, emotionally unstable. Crying was her knee-jerk reaction to anything, everything she couldn't handle. And there were a lot of things she couldn't handle....

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