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amsterdam – day seven – part two


I’m sitting in the airport and feel completely fucked. I guess that’s a good thing.

Last night I went to the party again. Why the fuck not?

There were more people, which meant less vodka so I compensated with jager shots and glasses of wine. Some guys from Cincinnati made fun of me for drinking wine.

Jodie and I pole danced a lot. She rocks my socks. Katy from their hostel came out and so did British James who disappeared at one point. He didn’t like where he was from. I’m beginning to think that no one likes where they come from.

Ummm…that’s all I wrote. I think I was feeling pretty shitty but in an awesome way. I also think I didn’t remember most of the night. I have a bunch of photos though that I don’t remember taking and about a million and a half self portraits with Jodie from the night. I’ll just sum up the night in a bunch of pictures then.

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