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adventures of breadman

Sunday Joelina opened their home for a game night!

First we played “Ingenious.” When I saw on the box that it said for 1 to 4 brains I thought I was fucked. I thought it would be some sort of trivia game and I am really bad at those. But it turned out to be a matching colors game and I am good at matching colors. I did pretty well, but Alina won.

We watched the Simpsons too and when they showed Homer trying to vote for Obama and it kept saying “one vote for McCain. Two votes for McCain” I was scared that that would really happen to me.

Joe makes the most excellent guacamole ever. It is way garlicky (I could probably live on garlic alone). The pizza wasn’t so good though.

After that we played catchphrase for a while and the women totally dominated the men. They had such wonderful times such as…
– It’s a red fruit.
– umm…cherry.
– pomegranate.
– cherry.
(the answer was strawberry)

and joe’s wonderful clue of “bread man”

One of my clues was “George Washington” and so I said “The first president” and the girls guessed right. JoeW made a remark about how it would have been funny if I’d gotten it wrong, like as if I had said:
– The first president.
– George Washington
– Ummm, no

He meant it as a joke but then I told him I was actually scared that that was going to happen when I gave the clue.

After that we played mille bornes, a game I’ve played a bunch of times but will never remember or figure out how to really play. All I know is that on our first trip Jen and I went nowhere because we spent almost the entire game out of gas. We decided we’d stopped for waffles, so all was good.

And while we played that one alina worked on her rubik’s cube and completed it and that was awesome.

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