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Pork on the grill

A Whole Lot of Pork

A pork-filled bbq at MattyK's.

Sunday night we were planning on going to Ravinia to watch David Hyde Pierce sing Cole Porter. Halfway through the day JoeJoe asked me if I had checked the weather and so I looked it up and saw that it was supposed to rain. We thought about it and discussed and decided that maybe going to Ravinia wouldn’t be the best idea…

At the same time MK said hey and it seemed like he wanted to do something but he didn’t want to leave his house…so I took it upon myself to invite Joe and Alina over there and told MK we were having a party!

Grilling pork at a bbq

Grilling pork at a bbq

I brought over the pasta salad I had made the night before and Joe and Alina brought some wine and a delicious dessert that was not a cheesecake and not made with amaretto but had chocolate, cheesecake, amaretto, and strawberry all in the title and was just made with mashing a bunch of stuff together. It was delicious.

MK bought some pork and fired up the grill (because, of course it wasn’t raining then).

Plate full of pork at a bbq

BBQ Pork dinner

Strawberry pie dessert at a bbq

It was a delicious meal.

I throw good parties 🙂

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