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Lunch in Cali, Colombia

Life List #199: Watch Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Watching Wizard of Oz synched with Dark Side of the Moon.

I don’t normally add something to my life list only to cross it off that same day. But, as some friends and I were sitting at lunch in Cali discussing the synching up Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz, I mentally added it as number 199. And then, moments later it was decided that that night we would watch it.


Colombian lunch in Cali, Colombia
I didn’t have any photos to go with this. So here is a photo of my lunch that day.


If you’ve never heard of this particular phenomenon (and, sorry, but I was totally shocked that some people had never heard of doing this…have you heard of this before???) it’s a big conspiracy theory that Pink Floyd made their album Dark Side of the Moon as an alternative soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz. Basically you turn down the volume on Oz and start the album on the third lion’s roar at the beginning of the film. And from there the music uncannily synchs up to the action in the film. Pink Floyd denies that it was done on purpose, but, intentional or not, it was actually really cool to watch.

My favorite part was during the tornado scene. It was eerie and beautiful.

Though, to be fair, while we watched it, the volume on the computer was pretty low (and I’m pretty deaf – see #197) and due to…things that made watching it that much better…I was kind of drifting into sleep at points. I’m kind of lame like that.

So I totally need to watch it again.

And I suggest you do to.

Watch Dark Side of the Rainbow was number 199 on my life list.

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